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Return to reviewing!

Today is the day I made the decision to start reviewing games again. I really enjoyed getting into reviewing before but young children and becoming pregnant again literally consumed all of my extra time plus when I'm pregnant my brain turns to mush. I find myself with a little more free time lately, and I've been getting a huge urge to start writing again- which can only be a good thing!

As I write more and more I hope my writing style will return and continue to improve. Practice makes perfect, right? I am hopeful that the gameplay I am able to capture will help to redeem me!

Please hold tight whilst I get started on writing my reviews! I don't want to rush them. This is also more of a hobby than anything else, just something to keep me busy in my (pretty limited) free time. I shall also write a to-do list of the games I intend to review! Some may still technically be in game preview or beta so they'll be "previewed" with an update post-release!

I'd also like to state that all games I review have been purchased by myself unless specified otherwise!
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