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BLEED (Xbox)

Developed by Bootdisk Revolution/Nephilim Game Studios, Bleed is available now on PC (£3.99), Xbox One (£10.39) and PS4 (£7.99)!

Bleed was originally released back in 2012 as an indie title and has now made its way to the current gen consoles. 

Bleed is an action packed, fast paced shmup with equally fast, upbeat music; it does get repetitive, especially after the 100th time trying to complete a level on the easiest difficulty. A nice added touch is the weapons all sound different and have their own vibration on the controller. Bleed has the look of a retro game and it plays really well, there is no drop in framerate and controls are responsive and smooth.

You are Wryn, a young girl with a desire to become the ultimate video game hero! You start out with dual pistols and rocket launchers and have the ability to purchase more weapons and upgrades from the shop. Thankfully you are able to change your loadout even if you are in the middle of a level! Controls are fairly easy to pick up, RT to jump and dash (using left stick to aim), right stick to shoot and LT to slow down time (using this is an absolute must!).

You can play local co-op or single player and, having tried both, I would definitely advise against local co-op. The health bar is shared and unless you can stick together 100% of the time; one of you will get stuck behind, unable to see where you're going.

There are 7 levels to the story mode, so it is a quite short game and once you have completed those; you unlock Arcade mode. During story mode, if you die you can just carry on from the last checkpoint. The levels themselves are well laid out and don't feel repetitive at all, some even require a little forethought in order to get through without taking too much damage (or even death!). 

Arcade mode is essentially a hardcore mode because if you die it's game over for real. I really struggled to get very far at all. Hopefully, with perseverance, I will manage to progress!
There is also challenge mode where you can create your own arena with three of the bosses that feature throughout the game. 

Each of the bosses are different and have a unique style of combat. I particularly enjoyed the final boss where you actually end up fighting all of them again. 
There are 4 difficulties; Easy, Normal, Hard and V Hard. To be honest, I found easy to be quite hard so I don't see me getting very far on V Hard difficulty.

There are 32 achievements available for 1,000 Gamerscore. There are some imaginative achievements but for the most part, the list is just made up of progression and difficulty related achievements. I feel there was so much potential for a really creative achievement list here. If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of helpful information.

Overall, I have enjoyed playing Bleed. If I had to give it a score it would be 7/10. It is a really short game (I wish the story was longer) and will provide plenty of replay value if you're determined to play through on the hardest difficulty. If you like a game that is going to challenge you then Bleed is the one!

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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