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Mega Coin Squad (Xbox) ~ Throwback to my first ever review!

For my attempt at my first ever review I will be taking a look at "Mega Coin Squad" by Big Pixel Studios, their first game on console. (£11.99 on Xbox)

First impressions? It is a 2D cartoony platformer. It reminds me a lot of Super Mario and Sonic- head-butting different kinds of blocks can give you coins of varying amounts as well as power-ups or weapons and when you hit an enemy all your hoarded coins are scattered all around you.
The objective? Gather and bank the required amount of coins into the huge piggy bank as quickly as you can.

There are enemies, spawning more and more as the levels go by which can either be killed by your weapon, dashed through or jumped on (provided they dont have spikes all around them).

The levels themselves constantly change and rebuild as you're playing them so enemies spawn and de-spawn as it changes the platforms.
Each level has 3 stars which you get by meeting requirements:
⦁ Complete within a set time
⦁ Bank all coins at once
⦁ Don't lose a life

For each star you earn, at the end of the level you get to head-butt a bigger block to unlock a boost such as upgrades to weapons, invincibility, an amount of time % taken off, etc. Apart from there being an achievement for getting all 3 stars to each level, the boosts actually do make a difference to game play.

To begin with, there are 5 different characters. 2 men, a girl and a robot. They each have slightly different attributes. Each character will save their own progress through the story so you can try each of them out without having to worry about losing the other characters place (there are also achievements for completing the campaign with each character). Once you have completed the story- you unlock a rather magical looking rainbow unicorn to play with!

There are 16 levels, split between 4 different worlds. Each level gets progressively more tricky in the sense that there are more enemies to deal with. At the end of a world you have to face a level where you don't actually have to collect any coins. Instead, there are waves of enemies to kill. I guess that could be seen as pretty anti-climatic but I actually enjoyed the change of pace, albeit briefly. If you die (take damage 3 times) you don't lose any progress, you can just retry which I am unbelievably grateful for! Again, there is an achievement for not using any retries... I'm sure that'll go well when I get round to it.

What about how it plays? Well the game play itself is quite fun once you get used to the controls (if you're anything like me, that takes a while!) but pretty quickly you find yourself double jumping, dashing and creating alsorts of havoc. Having a time limit to earn one of the stars quite often makes things a little chaotic, especially considering the background music is fast paced so you subliminally start trying to rush around then end up bouncing, dashing and missing every single coin around you (maybe that's just me). I'd like to add that there is a coin magnet available- I try to upgrade that a lot... Nothing quite beats the sound of collecting multiple coins all in one go!

There are only a few buttons needed in this game: A to jump, LT or X to dash and RT or B to shoot and of course, LS to move around. Personally, I use the triggers- X and B felt like they weren't responding as well. Its a game that is very easy to pick up and play, with no really impossible tasks facing you, as long as you forgive the random drop in frame rate which pings you back and usually results in your ultimate death. Soon enough you'll consider yourself a coin collecting ninja, navigating the morphing platforms before you with the relative ease...

Although I think its a great game, its not perfect. I've had a few moments where I've wondered if I'd actually pressed the right button as I get flung back to where I was a few moments ago. I assure you, it's not me, it's the game. The issue seems to be a slight lag from time to time- usually right at the same time I try to encounter an enemy or try to make a big jump. Its as though I get rubber banded. I blame that for quite a few of my deaths (very frustrating!) as it makes me lose all momentum (which, trust me, takes me a while to build in the first place). I'd be interested to find out if anyone else experiences this issue, too.

There is a 4 player local coop available, which although I haven't had a chance to play yet, I imagine is incredibly fun! Online coop is not supported which is a shame because I have a feeling that it would have been really successful.

All in all, its a fun albeit frustrating at times, colourful game which is annoyingly, extremely addictive! If you like collecting things (of course you do!) and enjoy grinding levels out to get 3 stars then you will love this game! However, for the price (See below) it is quite short and you'd be forgiven for expecting a bit more content for your coin. I would also hope that they attempt to address the rubber-banding/lag during game play with a patch.
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