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Oh...Sir! The Insult Simulator (Xbox)

Oh... Sir! The Insult Simulator, developed by Vile Monarch. Is... different. It quite literally is an insult simulator. Although there are no overly rude words (which makes it semi kid-friendly) you can still create pretty offensive hilarious insults.

Currently available on PC, Console and Mobile. Prices do seem to vary depending on which platform you intend to play.
  • Steam: £1.59
  • PS4: £2.49
  • Xbox One: £2.39
  • Google Play Store: £2.09
I can't really understand why the same game sells for different prices. As far as I can tell its the same game with the same content. We have a rule in our household that any game under £5 is immediately purchased! So I purchased Oh... Sir! on Xbox One.

Visually, Oh... Sir! is 2D and in cartoon which I feel suits the game and for the price tag, is probably about right. What I did really like was that after you have created your insult and submitted it as complete (by pressing B to add an emphatic !) your character will actually read out your insult to the other character. I may have laughed a little too loudly at my own insults at times. Particularly at one stage when I was playing the old lady, Mrs Maggie. She reminded me so much of Monty Python's Terry Jones.

I think Vile Monarch have taken a lot of their inspiration and humour from Monty Python. Perhaps unnoticeable if you're not a fan and didn't spend the majority of your school years watching Monty Python but for me, I definitely noticed and they've copied quite a lot.
Just a few examples:
  1. Dead parrot in pet shop.
  2. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
  3. Butts playing trumpets.
  4. The meaning of life - always look on the bright side of life.
At first it was quite endearing but after a while it got pretty tedious with just how much I could link back to Monty Python films or sketches. Then at the end of the solo tournament you fight against the AI named "Father" who sounds suspiciously like Morgan Freeman...
Personally, I love Monty Python so enjoyed some of the referencing to them but I suspect some of the humour could get lost on some. After all, not everybody loves Monty Python and as a result of the constant referencing and at times quite literally copying some parts I feel that it lacks any true originality which I think is a real shame.

The object of the game is to insult your opponent and ultimately deplete their health bar. There is a quick tutorial to give you the gist of what to do but honestly, it still took a good few arguments afterwards before I finally got the hang of it.
Below are a few favourite screenshots of my insults from my tutorial:

It is a turn based game and at the beginning of each turn you are given a table of 9 words or phrases. You take turns with the other player choosing from the available words to create your insult. You also have the option of pressing X during your go to have a cup of tea and a think which will generate two extra options for your insult with the added bonus of your opponent not being able to see what those ones are.
Sometimes there is also the (...) option on the list which ends your turn until a new list of words/phrases are generated (once your opponent's turn has finished) which is useful if you happen to run out of words or don't quite have a good enough insult yet or if you are going for a really long insult hoping to end all the nonsense once and for all. If you can't end your insult coherently and have no available extra moves then you will lose your turn as the end of the insult becomes garbled.

It would seem that it is not as easy as just creating what you think is an offensive/hurtful insult. There are other factors which are taken into account. Each character that you can play has something different that they are offended by: age, poverty, family, etc. There are bonuses for using certain words repeatedly and penalties for using bad grammar along with combos, critical hits (being extra rude), but honestly for the most part it seemed that the longer you could make your insult, the more points it would grant you regardless of whether it made much sense or not which grew to be quite frustrating at times. I also found that there seemed to be an issue with just when my insult would be read. Sometimes I would go first, most of the time my opponent would go first- I don't really understand why. It seems that on the odd occasion I manage to hit B to submit really quickly I manage to go first.

I played against other Xbox Live players and of course, I already knew what their character was sensitive to (I happened to be the same character or had already played the character before and remembered their weakness) which was a shame. If the weaknesses could be randomised, I feel that would have added a lot more mystery and fun to the battles. Perhaps going forward there will be added content with new characters and scenarios as currently there are only 9 playable characters when all are unlocked and 4 different conflict scenarios (5 if you include the Afterlife scenario at the end of the tournament) which does begin to get repetitive after the first few hours but I suspect my hopes of that happening are unlikely.

As I have already briefly mentioned, there are different game modes:
  • Loner's Insult Tournament Mode - solo 5 round battles against AI.
  • Instant Argument - one battle against AI.
  • Real-Life Friends Mode - local play.
  • Imaginary Friends Mode - play online against other people.
I was definitely surprised that a game retailing at £2.39 (or thereabouts) would have any online matchmaking. So far I have had no issues with finding someone to play against which is a pleasant experience as many games seem to struggle with this on release. There is definitely an odd satisfaction about insulting a real life random person with the most ridiculous of insults.

Oh... Sir! Has 17 achievements available for 1,000 Gamerscore. Currently none are unobtainable or can be missed through normal game play. The achievements are really well thought out with regards to their names, for example, "Mic Drop" is earned by winning your first argument, very apt. The developers clearly have a sense of humour and it is portrayed with all of their achievement names and to be honest I was so happy that they seemed to put real effort into them. As an example of just one more, for a particularly arduous achievement where you need to play more than 100 duels they have called it, "It gets boring after an hour". They really weren't wrong. Oh... Sir! is pretty funny to begin with but quickly loses its appeal. It is certainly a game that you would need to play in short bursts to avoid losing your mind. If you're looking for help or guidance with any of the achievements, head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information!

Overall, an enjoyable game in small doses. It is quite funny but I can see how it wouldn't appeal to all humours. I would have given more if it didn't scream "how much Monty Python can we fit in this game". If I had to give it a score out of 10 I think 5/10 would be about right. I think it could have sold for a little more but I am glad the developers didn't try to oversell their game as I think a lot more people will buy it as a result of it being so cheap. Well worth a look if you haven't already!

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