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SwapQuest (Xbox)

Developed by Rebusmind, SwapQuest is available to buy on 22nd August 2017 on PC, Xbox and PS4! ( all for $9.99 so I believe £7.99 for us in the UK)

SwapQuest is a puzzle based, adventure RPG in which you have to swap the tiles around you to create your own path through the levels... you may embark on your quest alone or recruit another player for some local couch co-op! 

You can play as either Prince Wilbert or Princess Wilma in order to find the legendary sword Aventuril and save your Kingdom from being destroyed by The Horde!

The first thing I noticed was that SwapQuest's soundtrack is absolutely delightful! The music that plays whilst you're on the world map does get a little repetitive but not in an annoying way, and when traversing through the levels the music adapts to your environment! 

You are able to choose between "Classic" and "Smooth" graphics and can easily change between the two by pressing in right stick if you change your mind at any point. Aside from the obvious change in font, the classic options give the game a real retro look and the smooth graphics are quite literally just slightly smoother.

SwapQuest is wonderfully vibrant and well animated. I haven't experienced any drop in frame rate especially during particularly hectic levels where I am constantly moving tiles from place to place. Sometimes I wish that I could move a little faster but I never really felt like everything else was moving quicker than me. I do find that using the D-pad to move tiles around is much more responsive than the left stick!

As you make your way through each level there are treasure chests to open, enemies to kill and hazardous obstacles to avoid plus you are being chased by an ever-looming cloud of The Horde which certainly makes me try and move a little quicker! Don't worry, though! If you are grabbed then you're just given a quick boot up the backside (you'll lose some health) and shoved back into the "safe zone" for you to carry on (there were times where I actually used this to my advantage!). There are 3 quests per level to complete which will earn you jewels as rewards which you can then spend in the Caravan to purchase, upgrade and enchant your weapons and armour! 

One little frustration I had was that when you open a treasure chest, the loot flies behind you! You can either go back and risk being grabbed by The Horde, or you can swap out tiles with loot on to bring them closer! Of course, this may result in utter confusion on your part and ultimately losing enough time to again fall into the hands of The Horde! 

The Boss levels can be quite frustrating, especially early on when you are not given any tips. It took me a LOT of tries before I finally thought about tiles surrounding the bosses and how to use certain environmental features. At least it is a puzzle game that makes you think! 

Once you have got your sword back, you have the ability to go back and replay all of the levels, even the ones you didn't play the first time around (because you chose the other route) as well as the other challenge levels you missed, adding SO much replay value.

SwapQuest has 30 achievements available for 1,000 Gamerscore.  The achievements have been well thought out and have really nice achievement art to accompany them. Some achievements will be obtained through natural gameplay and others will require a little forethought! If you need any help or guidance with the achievements then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of information! 

Overall I have really enjoyed playing SwapQuest, the concept of the game is new and really interesting. It is incredibly easy to pick up and play and definitely makes you think. After a while though, it does get repetitive; more challenges would be a real help as there is only so much tile swapping I can take! If I had to give it a score it would be 7/10. I would definitely recommend getting SwapQuest, especially if you like puzzle games!

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review! Thank you!
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