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Tachyon Project (Xbox) ~ Throwback Review!

Tachyon Project, developed and published by Eclipse Games, is a fast paced twin stick shooter. You take control of Ada (the shooter) and learn about his creation through the story mode.

I have played a few twin stick shooters now and am first to admit that in all honesty, I'm not great at them! Tachyon Project is the first I have actually been able to complete. If you have never played a twin stick shooter and are looking to try one then this is the game for you!

I would describe it as "The beginners guide to a twin stick shooter" but that doesn't mean it is too easy and that there aren't any tough challenges to face because there are! Both myself and my other half (who's skill at these types of game is much better than mine) needed to retry a few of the levels from time to time.

So, more about the game. In the story mode there are 10 levels. You need to complete waves of challenges within each level in order to progress (kill x amount of a certain enemy type/survive for x amount of time). Some of the levels I enjoyed in Tachyon Project had an element of stealth required which I hadn't experienced in a game like this before. The level was much darker and if you shot you would be lit up, alerting the enemies to your position!

Your health is slightly different in this game- instead of dying instantly when you collide with another enemy, you have a timer. Each time you get hit, the timer goes down- when it reaches 0 you fail the wave. There is a way to prevent the timer reaching 0, though! Each time you kill an enemy you will have time added! Fortunately if you fail a wave you don't have to start the whole level again- there is a checkpoint after each wave so you only have to repeat the current wave- something I genuinely appreciated! 

There are 4 bosses which are not too tricky when you have upgraded your weapons. I personally think that they are in the wrong order, though. The final boss was much less frustrating than one of the earlier bosses! I won't spoil it for you by telling you when he'll show up but I will say... scissors. Let me know what you make of him! When it came to the final boss I literally said "Oh, I killed it?" It was a disappointing ending to what was a thoroughly enjoyable game! 

There are six different weapons, nine secondary weapons and seven perks which you can unlock and use as you progress. My personal favourite combination was: Machine gun, proximity mine, faster bullets and bouncy bullets!

There is also a challenge mode to Tachyon Project which does support co-op game play although I never tried the co-op part! There is also 4 player local multiplayer- again, I haven't tried it as I was enjoying the story mode far too much! I did give Endless Mode a try, have a look for my gamertag and that will tell you how terribly I did there! 

All in all, Tachyon Project is a fantastic game! I can't recommend it highly enough. I would have liked a few more levels and maybe a few more bosses but then the price for the game is exactly right for what you get so I shouldn't complain too much! 

Tachyon Project is available now on Xbox One for $9.99 / £7.99 
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