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Caveman Warriors (Xbox)

Developed by JanduSoft, Cavaman Warriors is available now on PC for £10.99 (currently £9.34 until 29th September), PS4 for £11.59 and Xbox One for £11.99!
Caveman Warriors is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that you can play up to 4 players local co-op or of course, you can just play solo.

There are four characters available each with their own unique weapons and special moves which you’ll need to utilise through each level. You do have the ability to switch between each of the four available characters when playing by yourself so you’re not limited by missing a certain move!
There are 8 levels for you to play through so, on face value you’d think it’s a quick completion but each level is long and hard so there’s actually a lot of playability to be had (if you don’t rage too hard!) and then once you’ve completed the game, you can go back and play through them all again on arcade mode…

Visually, Caveman Warriors is colourful, vibrant and well animated. The menus are simple to navigate and I like that there is an overview of the chapters in the “Comics” section of the menu to recap the story so far.
The background music to Caveman Warriors is quite pleasant and not too overbearing. There does seem to be more emphasis on the sounds of your own movements, combat and loot collecting, who isn’t a fan of hearing the tinkly sounds of loot?
Controls are easy to learn but unfortunately, they don’t feel consistently responsive and I feel like sometimes I’m moving at a snail’s pace compared to the movements of my encroaching enemies which does get frustrating when you start taking damage from an enemy that you’re already attempting to dodge.

The levels are pretty long with plenty of challenging and varied enemies but there are checkpoint campfires along the way. Boss fights can be tricky but they do have a predictability to them which will help you eventually defeat them. There are collectibles to find which are hidden throughout the levels and on the bottom right of the screen, there is an indicator to how many collectibles are left for you to find. On the opposite side of the screen you’ll see how many lives you have remaining and once you’ve used them up you’ll have to restart the entire level again which, when playing alone, is an infuriating game feature. Just when you think you’re making progression, you’re forced to start again.
Described as “challenging and fun”, I feel like I can only partly agree with that statement. Yes, I started the game and enjoyed playing but with the hit and miss controls and the obvious speed differences between player and enemy, I found that the “challenging” part started to really detract from the enjoyment of the game. There are only so many times I’ll put up with a half jump when I am holding the right buttons to do a high jump or vice versa.

I think in this day and age where we have the option of using cloud saves, there is no reason for a game to not offer the option of signing in an Xbox Live profile when playing co-op so that achievements may be unlocked by all players. As it stands, if you’re able to get someone to play with then you’ll have to play the entire game at least twice together for both people to be able to unlock all of the achievements. Being part of a gaming couple, games that have co-op but not online co-op or at the very least, the option of signing in your profile, tend to stay played as a single player title.
For the purpose of this review, I did play co-op and yes it was better in the sense that I was actually able to progress further but unfortunately the issues experienced when playing solo are painfully obvious in co-op. Caveman Warriors is so unforgiving when it comes to being hit by an enemy (repeatedly because they don’t seem to have any cooldown on their moves). 

Overall, I enjoyed playing Cavemen Warriors, it would have been more appealing to me, personally if it had online co-op. If I had to give it a score, then it would be 5/10. I really love this type of game but combined with enemy combat being literally unavoidable at times as well as the controls being unresponsive at times, it is frustrating, but hopefully fixable, with future patches.
Caveman Warriors has 54 achievements available for 1,000 Gamerscore. A large and varied achievement list with plenty to get stuck into from specialist moves with certain characters to story progression and a few other extra creative achievements such as not dying in a level and more! I do enjoy unlocking achievements so it’s always nice when a game has plenty to offer aside from the bog-standard progression ones! If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements, then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.
A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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