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Revolve (Xbox)

Developed by Rusty Bolt, Revolve is available now on PC for £6.99, PS4 and Xbox One for £7.99!
Revolve is a physics-based, action platformer where you have absolutely no control over the direction in which you are travelling! You must make your way through the level by utilising a combination of jumps and boosts which is a lot harder than that sounds!
Revolve is set in space and looks pretty good even down to the floating rocks in the background! The animation is smooth and there is aesthetic screen tearing which thankfully doesn’t affect any aspect of actual gameplay. The level design is varied and slowly gets more and more complex including hazards to avoid, inverted gravity (or sometimes zero gravity) and level changes caused by orb pickup. Unfortunately, I have had some issues with framerate drops once I'd started chapter 2 which is a shame as comparatively, chapter one was perfect!

You play as Reevo, a drone on wheels and you’re trying to escape the dystopian world that you have found yourself in! You are essentially three connected spheres which is both good and bad; it's a great shape to have if you need to gently roll down a slope and an absolute pain in the rear end for those times where you are trying to balance on the edge of a ledge!
Revolve’s soundtrack is quite relaxed which is nice as you don’t feel rushed to complete the level. I think the sound effects have been done well; from banging when you jump and the whooshing when you use your boosts (and the explosions when you die…) they are definitely far more appreciated with the headset on!

The controls are pretty easy to pick up and it is certainly a game that would be easy to come back to and be able to resume playing without too much confusion. In later levels, you are required to be quite precise with your controls and to be honest, it does feel a little "hit and miss" whether the controls will respond in time- the biggest problem seems to be trying to invert gravity. It is a bit of a let down as the controls were fine early on so I don't really understand why the longer you play, the worse it seems to get?
It’s the kind of game where after a while you get the hang of the movements and you can complete levels quite efficiently but then there will be a level where you’ll spend seemingly ages trying to time your boost/jump/brake just right. The good thing is that eventually you’ll get through it and the feeling of accomplishment is brilliant. At times it can get a little frustrating as the levels are quite lengthy and there are no checkpoints to save your progress (another reason I’m a fan of playing little and often!).

On first impressions, you’d think that Revolve would be an easy game to master but there are so many variables to contend with that I have easily spent a good half an hour trying to figure out the intricacies throughout the level and planning my every single move just to be able to complete it.
Your moves cost you energy and so you need to allocate wisely. A double jump at one part may mean you’ll immediately fail the next part because you won’t have enough energy stored to be able to boost or brake! This did take me a while to figure out, as I tend to blast my way through everything in life! More often than not, you'll find yourself waiting for energy to refill which does detract from the game's enjoyment slightly, especially when you have the "speed" aspect to completing levels. Perhaps this could have been better with purchasable upgrades implemented into the game?
There are 70 levels for you to get through so certainly a lot to keep you busy. Each level you are able to see a wide range of stats such as rank in the leaderboards, how many attempts you’ve made and how fast you’ve been able to complete it, which is a nice feature.

Overall, I’ve enjoyed playing Revolve, I like the concept and it certainly made me think! It’s a game I think will be best played in bursts, though. The difficulty does ramp up fairly quickly and if you’re like me and have constant distractions (kids) you may feel yourself doing better with a fresh mindset each time you return! If I had to give it a score, it would be 6/10. For the type of game and its price, I’d recommend it if you don't mind framerate issues later on in the game.

Revolve has 19 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. The achievement list is fairly standard, with a mix of story-based achievements, specialist skill requirements and the cumulative distance driven which will likely take a while to rack up, although not an issue as some levels do require a few attempts before you get the knack! If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements, then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.
A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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