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SEUM: SpeedRunners From Hell (Xbox)

Developed by Pine Studio and published by Headup Games, SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell is available now on PC for £10.99 and Xbox One for £11.99!

SEUM is an old school, heavy metal, first-person platformer with a huge emphasis on speed. SEUM is definitely not for the fainthearted as you teleport, jump, dodge and bounce your way through the levels.

The first thing I noticed was the soundtrack; originally created by Ivan Spelljack Jitz its definitely in keeping with the game and brings out the desire from within you to want to quite literally run for your life and hunt down some beer! SEUM is probably not the kind of game to play with any kids around, with the sound on at least, due to the occasional “F**k yeah!”; not a phrase I need my three-year-old repeating! So sound off which isn’t really an enjoyable option or pop your headset on!

*Video below does contain the "F" word*

SEUM has well-designed levels which provide plenty of variety and don’t feel repetitive. I would have preferred the loading screens to be a little more interesting, they are quite plain and there have been moments where I’ve thought the game may have crashed because it took a while to load in the next level (thankfully music was still playing so that was proof of the game still loading), even a little animation indicating that its loading would be appreciated.

Levels are quick to complete, well they have to be if you intend to submit a time! If you’re too slow then you’ll have to restart! This is where SEUM excels, there is something about the fairly short levels mixed in with the leaderboards which pulls you into a cycle of constantly trying to better your last score! There have been some levels where I’ve repeated them about fifty times just because “I can do that quicker.” Some of the times on the global leaderboards are staggering and if I’m honest, I’ll probably never get a place at the coveted top spot but a girl can dream!

Controls feel a little sensitive and to begin with, I found myself flying off the edge constantly and then missing the portal completely once I finally reached it at the end of the level! You do get used to it, though and its all part of the speed running experience! You do have the option to change the sensitivity in the menu but it didn’t make all that much difference for me. Unfortunately, I have experienced irritating and unresponsive controls which have almost made me rage on numerous occasions. In a game that requires total accuracy in order to attain the fastest speeds, I need the controls to do what I need them to… there were far too many times where I pressed “A” to jump and literally nothing happened and I ended up plummeting to my death. Great. To be sure I wasn't imagining it, I even tested jumping on the spot and there were definite discrepancies, I'm not sure if this can be fixed going forward (hopefully it will be!)

Aside from my issues with the responsiveness of the controls, gameplay is otherwise great. No framerate dropping or screen tearing, it feels smooth whilst you’re moving through the level and when you need to restart you don’t have to endure a load screen as its instant!

There is so much content available in SEUM which should keep you busy for a long time. There are four different game types:
  1. "Single Player". There are 9 floors which have 9 levels to complete, a boss level to complete and a bonus level to complete which unlocks once you have found enough hidden beers…
  2. "Extended Play" has levels which were released post initial game launch.
  3. "Speedrun" unlocks once you have completed an entire floor’s levels (including the extra beer level).
  4. "Endless Mode" a random level which is literally, endless. How long can you last? (Not that long actually...)
And if you try to change the difficulty, the game will quite literally laugh at you (no matter how many times you try)! Once you’ve completed the entire speedrun without dying you can unlock “Hardcore Mode” which is no doubt, beyond aneurism inducing!

Overall, I both raged and enjoyed playing SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell. This is definitely a game aimed towards speedrunning fans as opposed to us mere casual gamers but there is still good fun to be had, especially if you’re competitive and fancy beating your friends’ scores! If I had to give it a score it would be 7/10, I had to take off points because of the issues with the jumping which is a huge part of every level!

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell has 27 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. A wide range of requirements for the achievements from special times, completing the game, deaths and more… which I love. A varied achievement list is one of my favourite things in a game. By no means will SEUM be an easy completion but it will be an interesting and well earned one! If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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