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Time Recoil (PS4 and Xbox)

Developed by 10tons, Time Recoil is available on the 13th of September on PS4 EU for £11.49 and 15th September on Xbox for £11.19 (there is a 20% launch discount on Xbox so you can pick it up for just £8.95)!

Time Recoil is a top down shooter where your kills will literally slow down time and earn you special moves to get even more kills!

The background music is fairly simple and is repetitive without being too annoying as the sounds of your gun fire will easily overpower the music so you only really notice it when you're sat at the beginning of a level wondering what on earth you need to do.

Time Recoil looks great; the colours are clear and there haven't been any instances of screen tear or noticeable drop in framerate. I have managed to get stuck on obstacles in the levels but to be fair, that is usually my own fault! 
Controls are simple to pick up and Time Recoil is the kind of game where you can get lost in play for a few hours or just play through a few missions if you don't have time on your side (see what I did there?).

I'll be honest, I've had a few instances where I feel like the longer I play, the less responsive my controls seemed to be. For example, I had to replay a level a few hundred times and each time I replayed it, the RT sometimes just wasn't shooting even though I had ammo! It was incredibly frustrating but fortunately, it was an inconsistent issue and I eventually managed to complete the level.

So what's it all about? You are a member of the Recoilers and your goal is to kill Mr Time who has a weapon of mass destruction and is taking over the world! You can travel through time unscathed and so it is your job to go back into the past in order to save the future.

There are 56 missions spread across 5 chapters of the story so you have plenty to do! There are 3 difficulties Normal, Hardcore and once you've completed the game you can play through on Murderous (sounds scary)! 

Missions are actually quite short and have checkpoints if there is more than one level to it. Sometimes you may need to rescue hostages, acquire data or even assassinate someone! I wish you didn't have to keep returning to speak to The Director (or one of the other characters) after every single mission, it really interrupts the flow of gameplay. It would have been a much better fit if they could have integrated the story to be part of the loading screens, or even voiced over as you're going through the level.

Do not even try to attempt playing through the missions without trying to make the most of slowing down time and maximising kills! It really does give you an edge against the enemies around you; in normal time the enemies move and fire so quickly and you are going to get killed in one shot. 
The more slowed time kills you get, the better the special move you earn; you can dash through walls (or enemies) or even freeze time completely. 

I have found that when I do fail a mission I find myself "giving it another go" as the determination to complete the mission consumes me and suddenly it's been an hour and I'm trying to complete another level. The feeling of finally completing a level that you've been stuck on could be described as one of total euphoria and I've actually punched the air a few times! (Yes, really.)

You can also play through each mission as a Time Attack to try and achieve the three-star time which is a LOT harder than you would think. There are leaderboards for you to compare your times against others but every time I try and access this, it crashes the game and sends me right back to the dashboard! The developers are aware of the issue and have a fix incoming!

Overall, I have had fun playing Time Recoil on PS4 and Xbox. I love the concept of the game and enjoyed playing through the story. If I had to give it a score it would be 7/10. Definitely worth getting when the game becomes available between now and the 15th depending on whichever console you may have!

Time Recoil has 15 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore and a total of 16 trophies available on the PS4. There a few absolutely brutal achievements (get a three-star time on all levels in Time Attack will undoubtedly stay locked forever for me!) on the list but on the whole, the achievements are creative rather than your bog standard progression based ones. If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements (or trophies) then head over to True Achievements or (True Trophies) where you will find plenty of useful information!

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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