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Inversus (Xbox)

Developed by Hypersect, Inversus was released last year on PC (£10.99) and PS4 (£11.59) and is available today on Xbox One for £11.99.

Inversus is an incredibly addictive, strategic negative-space shooter. It is quite hard to explain what kind of game Inversus is adequately but I shall try! I used to play a board game called “Othello” with my mum when I was younger (which I never won, by the way) where the point of the game was to turn the entire board black or white depending on your allocated colour (if you have no clue what I’m talking about, it may be an idea to click here!).

Well, Inversus is a 2D shooter version of my much-beloved childhood memories of “Othello” and I have had so much fun playing it. Your movement is restrained to the opposite colour of you on the map and shooting bullets will create a line (or lines) of your own colour for you to move on/trap the enemies.

There are two modes available to play: Versus and Arcade. You have the option to play solo against AI (which you can set their skill level depending on your own skill abilities), local co-op 1v1 or 2v2 in Versus Mode and up to 2 players local coop in Arcade Mode. Amazingly, Inversus has online matchmaking so you can play online with randoms, or invite your friends. There are even leaderboards for you to compare how you rank against your friends!

Having experienced both solo play and matchmaking, my favourite mode is Arcade Mode and having more than one player just confuses things unnecessarily and its almost impossible to last very long (which is recognised by the lower scores required to earn the stars!). Having said this, I have still enjoyed playing local co-op with my three-year-old as he fondly refers to Inversus as “the squares game” as he floats about the screen whilst I’m attempting to save the both of us!

There are 50 unique maps which are unlockable as you play through. In Versus Mode every time you win on a map you unlock the next one on the list. In Arcade Mode it requires a set amount of stars to unlock the next map which you earn by attaining high scores. The maps are great fun to play through and there definitely seems to be a certain way to play on each of them in order to get the higher combos and scores!

The background music is well suited to the game and a lot quieter than the sounds of your shots firing which is probably for the best considering how many times you'll play the same map. Yes, the general gameplay is repetitive but it is the type of game you will come back to time and time again as opposed to sitting down and playing for an entire day.

I like that as you play you level up and unlock customisations including emotes as well as colours for your boards (some of which clashed horrendously but I have found a nice white and pink one which I’m very happy with!). I wish there was something else that was integrated with the level up system as apart from the customisation, it is pointless.

The controls are simple to pick up (move with LS and shoot with A, B, X, Y with the position of the buttons being the direction your bullet will shoot) and it’s a very easy game to play, the trouble comes with the sheer amount of enemies at times and just how quickly you’ll be able to press the buttons to shoot. There have been a few instances when I’ve been surrounded by a ton of enemies where I have felt that the controls were a little unresponsive in that I’d press a button to shoot and I’d almost have to wait for a second (maybe half a second) for it to actually shoot out the bullet. You may think “oh that’s not much” but in a game where precision is key, it really does matter and has meant the difference between epic combo and game over.

Overall, Inversus is great fun to play and personally, I prefer playing solo in Arcade Mode as I can happily play for a few hours trying to improve my high scores. If I had to give it a score then it would be 7/10. I personally think the price point may be a little high but still, I definitely recommend getting this! 

Inversus has 12 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. Some achievements are definitely much harder than the others (getting the maximum multiplier in arcade mode will be a particularly arduous one) and the others are essentially unlocked by playing the game and everything that it has to offer (online, versus, arcade). If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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