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RAID: World War II (Xbox)

Developed by Lion Game Lion, RAID: World War II is available now on PC for £30.99, PS4 for £39.99 and Xbox One for £33.19.

Don’t let the game’s intro fool you, RAID: World War II is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fuelled (up to) four-player co-op shooter set in the second world war, four prisoners of war have been freed by “Mrs White” and given the chance to redeem themselves by embarking on deadly missions with the ultimate goal being to help end the war.

Speaking of the intro, you had better get used to it because there is no way of skipping through it until you've watched the majority of it, even though you’ve watched it a hundred times! I understand forcing you to watch it for the very first time but after that, I really think it should be optional!

Now, If you didn’t know already, I am quite a big fan of Monty Python so any game that features one of them is immediately given brownie points! My excitement when John Cleese walked onto my screen was palpable and quite frankly it wouldn’t be a proper (in my opinion, obviously) World War II game if there wasn’t a true Brit to provide the voice of “Control” and John Cleese does a fantastic job of it too!

There are so many facets to this game that should add up to a delightful gaming experience however, it seems as if the developers never actually got around to playing their own game because some of the issues I’ve encountered should have been picked up prior to launch. There have been instances where the game has crashed on the start of a mission as well as near the end which is made all the more annoying when you realise just how long it will take you to restart the game and attempt to re-join the RAID again! General gameplay is fairly average, to be honest, there are issues at times with framerate dropping quite noticeably especially when there are hordes of enemies crowding around you.

There are four characters (British, American, Russian and German) and four specialist classes (Recon, Assault, Insurgent and Demolitionist) available to choose from but don’t worry, there are 5 character slots so you can have one of each. Each class has their own special war cry which gives you a temporary boost (speed, stamina, damage) but apart from making your vision slightly different, they don’t really seem to boost you all that much. They all have their own little statements which they from time to time during RAIDS and some of them can be quite funny which I appreciated. 

As you play through with each character you will level them up by gaining experience, with limited content, you’ll have to do this by playing missions on repeat. Levelling up allows you to unlock proficiencies which will help you in gameplay from picking locks quicker, reloading faster and many more perks plus you can also earn gold which you can use to fancify your base camp. You can even level up the weapons you use by fulfilling their upgrade requirements, each gun will specify in the menus but it could be killing enemies with hip fire (much harder than that sounds!) or simply collecting a certain amount of ammo. I really do like that there is actually a point to the levelling up and it makes having to replay missions a tiny bit less of a chore.

There are 11 standard missions called “RAIDS” which you can play online or offline, with or without the AI backing you up. They are well designed and don't feel like you're repeating the same map time and time again and having different objectives certainly helps. There are also hidden intel files around for you to find in the RAIDS which will give you an “Outlaw RAID” which is where I was able to get the bulk of my gold! There are four difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard and Very Hard; I'll be honest, I really don't fancy my chances playing on "Very Hard" because just playing through on Normal had me at my wits end! 

For me, the RAIDS felt quite unbalanced and somewhat confusing, some were long with a seemingly infinite enemy spawn rate making it nigh on impossible to carry out the objectives without being downed constantly and other missions were underwhelmingly short with next to no enemies whatsoever and honestly, we spent the majority of the mission staring at each other waiting for the objective to countdown so we could get on home to the base camp. 

There are also two operations available to play through which are much longer and have multiple objectives and missions which you need to complete from killing targets to obtaining intel, although there are only two of them so far and as great an addition as you'd think they'd be, right at the end of one of the missions when all I had to do was return to base, the game crashed! Needless to say, I didn't reload the game. Why spend all of that time fulfilling objectives to have the entire game crash and have to start all over again? I really hope it is something planned to be fixed in the near future!

My advice would be to play online, with real people; you can host your own or search available servers and join somebody else’s game. Something I found exasperating was when somebody joins your game, the whole game will stop until the new player has loaded in and I don’t mean just for a few seconds, I mean it takes minutes! Its awful and really interrupts the flow of the game, I really hope the loading in time can be shortened somehow.

Win or lose a RAID and you are given a cutscene of Hitler either smugly celebrating your demise or being absolutely outraged at your success which I quite like because it adds some unexpected humour. At the end of the mission, you are given the best stats along with player names if you have been victorious but if you have failed miserably, the game names and shames your weaker members of the team along with proof of just how bad they were! I hung my head in shame when my name came up alongside every single “least” statistic.

The AI players are absolutely awful, they constantly walk in front of you whilst you’re trying to shoot the enemies, whenever driving is involved the AI has absolutely no idea what they’re doing at first so you’re literally sitting ducks and then when they finally start driving they crash- wonderful. The time I encountered this issue with the AI and driving, the AI immediately jumped into the driver’s seat and then they would not get out of the car or swap seats.

There are challenge cards which you can get after a RAID and they make your next RAID more difficult but in return, you can get much greater rewards. For a decent return of experience, for a couple of examples, you may have to sacrifice the use of your secondary weapon completely or suffer from scarce ammo drops. I like the addition of challenge cards but I don’t like the fact that you can’t use your own card in the RAID; instead, you can suggest the use of your card and then the host will ultimately make the decision on which card they want to use. I’m not sure why individuals can’t just utilise their own cards.

The enemies on RAID: World War II are infuriating and not just because they are Nazis. At times they are quite literally, relentless! There is no point in trying to be stealthy and take each enemy out before you proceed because they will just keep respawning in huge droves. I have even had enemies spawn on top of me and through walls just in front of me. I find it a real shame that at times there has to be continuous enemies as it really slows down RAID progression and after the fifth flamethrower enemy, it gets pretty tiresome. 

I have included a lengthier video just below here of a failed mission fairly early on, keep an eye on the dodgy hit marking! Also, forgive the horrendous recoil, I was still getting used to the gun.)

As a first-person shooter, the shooting is obviously a massive part of the game and you’d think it would be absolutely flawless, but it's not even close. Aiming is awful and the hit marking is sporadic at best, unfortunately, even when firing in exactly the same place, not all of the bullets will hit the enemy, even though you haven’t technically missed a shot. After a while, it does get frustrating and especially when tallied up with all of the other issues in the game, I was just left with a sinking feeling in my stomach as the realisation of just how much was missing from the game started to dawn on me.

Overall, RAID: World War II is the kind of game I am usually a huge fan of, I love shooters and the fact that it has online co-op is something I am always on the lookout for. Unfortunately, there are just too many issues with the game to be able to enjoy playing it properly and after a while, you’re left thinking “why am I playing this, what is keeping me on this game rather than X game?”.  If I had to give it a score it would be 4/10. For the price, I expect near perfection but its nowhere near that. Hopefully, there are plans for fixes sharpish but until that time, I’d steer clear of this one!

RAID: World War II has a staggering 50 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. To be honest, the achievements are going to be a huge feat to unlock. A lot of them are difficulty related and considering how brutal I find it on “Normal”, I don’t see myself getting very far on harder difficulties. There are also character (level) based achievements as well as collectible ones so at least you’ll be able to make a fairly decent attempt at completion. If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.
A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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