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Spiral Splatter (PS4)

Developed by Neonchimp Games, Spiral Splatter is available on PC for £1.99 and is available TODAY (20th October) on PS4 for £4.99!

Spiral Splatter is an arcade puzzle game that will test both your coordination skills as well as your patience! If I am completely honest, Spiral Splatter is a game that at first glance I didn’t expect very much from but once I started playing I was pleasantly surprised! Spiral Splatter reminds me quite a bit of the buzz wire games that I used to play when I was a kid but in a 2D video game with all sorts of obstacles instead!

Visually simplistic in the sense that each level has a single coloured background and not much else aside from yourself (a circle) and the puzzle which you must navigate through, but that is not necessarily a bad thing because if there were elaborate designs then they would just distract you from your task. Gameplay is wonderfully smooth and I haven’t had to endure any stuttering or framerate drop which is crucial in a game like this where positioning really does matter.

I am really fond of Spiral Splatter’s music, it's really calming and allows you to really relax and focus in on the puzzle until you crash into the side of the puzzle and are met with an almighty blast, leaving a splatter mark where you exploded!

Controls are very simple and your main focus will obviously be the left stick which you use to navigate through the puzzle although you do also have a boost option (X) if you feel brave enough not to fly into the edge! I did have moments where the left stick started to feel a little off when the puzzles required traversing around bends rather than straight lines but that could have just been me needing to readjust! I would have loved to experience Spiral Splatter using an Xbox controller as I have fairly small hands and find myself stretching my thumbs quite a bit to manoeuvre the sticks around whereas an Xbox controller just seems to suit me better.

With 11 stages and over 100 puzzles which get more and more complex with each stage, you progress through there is certainly plenty to keep you occupied for a long time. Starting out you just need to go in straight lines, possibly a diagonal line here and there; then there are switches introduced, portals to navigate between in the right order and then further into the game, bullets to dodge and timed gates! Each puzzle has a total of 3 stars available for you to achieve depending on how quickly you can complete it and if you go too slow, you’ll get NO stars! Each stage has a specified number of stars required to be unlocked so you will likely have to replay a lot of puzzles multiple times in order to finesse the route and get all of the stars.

I’ll be honest at first I played through the first few stages with relative ease and was laughing and joking along with my kids as they watched me play and then little by little the puzzles became harder and I found myself leaning forward in my chair growing increasingly impatient with my incessant failure. Spiral Splatter is a game where your success and the wave of relief feels so satisfying that you are re-energised and spurred on to the next stage.

It wasn’t until I played this game that I realised just how dodgy my left stick control was! I was veering off to the side and bouncing into the walls when in my head, I was definitely going straight! If you do end up hitting the side then you will explode and have to restart the level again which also resets the timer however if you respawn at a checkpoint, the timer keeps on going so I find that it is always best just to restart the level completely. Thankfully, if you do choose to restart a level, it is practically instantaneous so no need to worry about horrendously long loading screens.

Overall, I’ve had such an enjoyable time playing through Spiral Splatter and although personally, it is not the kind of game I would sit and play for hours on end, I’d happily keep coming back to play it in bursts! If I had to give it a score it would be 8/10. For the price, I’d definitely recommend giving it a play, you won't be disappointed!

Spiral Splatter has a total of 19 trophies available to unlock and are all progression based and should unlock through natural gameplay! For such a simplistic concept, I don’t think there could have been many more trophies but it would have been nice if there could have been a couple of really imaginative ones thrown in, perhaps reaching the end within a specific time? A straightforward, relatively easy completion nonetheless! 

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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