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Rogue Trooper Redux (PS4 and Xbox)

Developed by Rebellion, Rogue Trooper Redux was initially released back in 2006 and has now been remastered and is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for £19.99!

Rogue Trooper Redux is a third person shooter adapted from the science fiction comic “Rogue Trooper” where soldiers have been genetically engineered by ‘Milli-Com’ to become the ultimate soldier, able to defeat everyone and anything that stands in their way… what could go wrong?

Visually, Rogue Trooper Redux is an improvement on the original game with enhanced geometry, dynamic lighting and HD graphics. Having not played the original game, I’ll judge Rogue Trooper Redux on its own merits and I’ll be honest, you can still tell that it’s an older game but it does look good and you can tell there have been extra details added, especially regarding your character and the billows of smoke from grenades which do look extra impressive!

One thing I am always appreciative of in games, particularly when there can be moments of utter chaos is that I haven’t encountered any issues with framerate dropping or unexpected crashes. Gameplay is generally smooth and loading times between missions (if you are just hitting continue) aren’t too long.

There is a "revamped" cover system as part of the remaster but I’m not entirely sure what that means as I did find it troublesome getting in and out of cover throughout the missions. Sometimes I would go into cover when I was just trying to run past a wall and other times I would literally run at the wall and still not go into cover! It was a little frustrating.

Character’s voices have been well acted and provide a decent amount of personality to them, unfortunately, they can be a little repetitive which is more noticeable during combat if you are anything like me and happen to use the sentry option a lot, you will understand what I mean! It would have been nice if they had a little more varied vocabulary rather than just a couple of phrases. Aside from that, gunfire and explosives sound great and combat music certainly lets you know when something is about to go down!

As always, I will endeavour to keep my review as spoiler free as possible!

Set in chemical-warfare ruined, Nu-Earth, you play as “Rogue” who manages to survive the initial onslaught which sees your friends killed before your very own eyes, fortunately, they’re not really dead so long as you manage to install their memory implant chips into your available slots within 60 seconds, no pressure!

Something was clearly amiss, and now it is down to you to figure out who the traitor is that gave away your position, killing (kind of) your comrades, and get your revenge by killing them. There are 13 missions available for you to fight your way through and although there are a couple of shorter missions requiring a different approach, they are on average completable in around 40 minutes each; that was based on my own playstyle (obviously) so not rushing through, I did explore the maps somewhat but I also didn’t dawdle for too long. 

Missions are essentially the same, kill enemies, infiltrate somewhere, hack doors, kill more enemies and move on to the next place but thankfully whilst playing through the missions you don't feel like you're replaying the same thing again and again, the missions have been designed well enough to avoid that "samey" feeling. I do like how there are a few shorter missions added to break things up a little and gives you a chance to practice your shooting on a flak cannon. 

Don't worry if you get killed, there are checkpoints throughout each mission which you will be able to respawn from and in some of the missions I was actually grateful of this as it meant I would respawn with more health to tackle the next stage with!

Your three fallen friends provide extra abilities for you which you can utilise as you wish to depending on your playstyle.

  • Gunner – a marksman who will provide you with the ability to use a sentry turret.
  • Helm – a commanding officer who will provide you with the ability to use a holo-decoy.
  • Bagman – ammunitions guy who will create blueprints and manufacture ammo, guns and medi-packs as you need them.

As you progress through missions, killing enemy “Norts” you will notice that you can collect salvage from their corpses (as well as finding salvage stashes around the map) which you can use to manufacture more ammo as well as create new types of guns as you acquire the blueprints for them. 

A few slight issues I had whilst playing through Rogue Trooper Redux (aside from my issues with the cover system!) is that enemies, once they have spotted you, will zone in on you and focus on you until you manage to kill them. This happens even on normal difficulty and is, slightly annoying because they should forget you or investigate after a certain amount of time has passed. Also, grenades are awful. I shall elaborate here, your own grenades will not throw exactly where you want them so you’ll have to practice until you get used to the way they throw. My real gripe comes with the enemy grenades and for s, me it probably wouldn’t be an issue but I like to think that combat in games is fair. Enemy grenades are absolutely useless and will literally never hit you, they will always bounce off a wall and land in front of themselves or will go flying miles away in the wrong direction. I suppose some would see this as a good thing but it’s a little perplexing why this happens.

Rogue Trooper Redux is predominantly a single player game but there is an online option where you can host or join up with up to 3 other people and play against incoming waves of enemies in “Stronghold” or fight your way to safety in “Progressive” modes. Unfortunately, you may need to find some friends who also have this game to play with if you want to play online as I haven’t successfully found an online game yet although that doesn’t completely lock you out of these extra modes as you can also play those on singleplayer!

Overall, I have enjoyed playing Rogue Trooper Redux, I wish there was more content but for the price, I think there is just enough there to keep you busy until you feel like you’ve gotten your money’s worth. I find it a little strange that they would remaster this game rather than think about making a sequel as games like these will always be popular with most gamers! If I had to give it a score then it would be 8/10. Fun game, definitely recommend.

Rogue Trooper Redux has 33 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. For the most part the achievements are progression based and will unlock by completing the story missions. There are also online achievements which I am a fan of because it will encourage people to go online instead of just sticking to the single player. All in all, a fairly straightforward completion with nothing that stands out to me as being overly complicated. If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements, then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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