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Super Lucky's Tale (Xbox)

Developed by Playful Corp, Super Lucky’s Tale is a play anywhere title available on Windows 10 and Xbox One for £19.99!

Super Lucky’s Tale is a cartoon platformer where you play as a plucky little fox named “Lucky” who needs to help his sister rescue “The Book of Ages” from the evil mastermind that is Jinx! As always, I'll try to avoid spoilers throughout my review.

Super Lucky’s Tale is an Xbox One X Enhanced title and now that I have an X, let me tell you that the graphics are absolutely astounding! Everything is so vibrant and crisp from the big animated backgrounds to the smaller details that perhaps you’d otherwise overlook. I’ve played this game on my Xbox One S and my X and it is incredible just how much difference there actually is; it does look great on the S but playing on the X as well gives it that extra wow factor.

The cheerful music is absolutely fitting for the type of game that Super Lucky’s Tale is alongside the tinkly sounds of coin and jewel collection. The sound effects of breaking items around the world, swishing your tail, jumping and burrowing have all been executed to a very high standard and are certainly best enjoyed through a headset for proper immersion.

The controls are responsive and incredibly simple to pick up and it won't be long before you’re jumping, burrowing and spinning your tail through each of the levels. You can control the camera angle using RS but it does feel a little clunky and if I’m being honest, there isn’t enough camera control. I really wish that it was freeform or just directly behind you as you traverse the world and the levels. 

Unfortunately, the camera is often in the worst possible position and really affects the ability to judge the depth in the level. So, as you can imagine without being able to judge the field of view properly, I found myself jumping behind the platform instead of on to it which has cost me the unnecessary loss of my lives at times and does get a little frustrating! I really hope its something that perhaps could be addressed in a future patch.

You are given 5 lives and have three hearts per life which will be removed if you take damage from an enemy (if you fly off the edge of the map into the abyss below then its immediately one life gone). You can pick up hearts to regenerate some health as well as extra lives here and there and you can also earn additional lives by collecting coins. For some reason I can never have more than 12 lives, once I hit 12, I seem to lose them all again almost immediately and its usually by making really stupid mistakes! If you do find yourself with 0 lives remaining then no fear, there isn’t too much of a penalty, you just have to restart either the level you were on or if you happened to die outside of a level then you’ll have to replay the level you had previously completed.

There are four worlds with many levels to make your way through, they have all been brilliantly designed with hidden secrets, dangers and enemies within them. There are also Boss encounters for you to face (provided you have enough Lucky Clovers to unlock the portal) which are challenging in their own way but not impossible once you figure out what you actually need to do! Once you have defeated each world's boss you can unlock the next world!

Inside each of the levels, there is a hidden area with an extra lucky clover to be earned, so long as you can find it and complete the extra level intact. There are coins to collect, the letters L-U-C-K-Y to find and a lucky clover or two! Thankfully there is no pressure to collect all of the letters in one run, you can replay the level as many times as you need to in order to collect the rest (the ones you have already collected are still there too, just greyed out!).

Each of the levels are uniquely named which I thought was a nice added touch as it shows how much effort has been put into the game instead of just having a number for them. The majority of levels are fairly standard in the sense that you can wander around in whichever direction you please but from time to time there are levels where things are shaken up a bit! Some levels will move you forwards automatically which adds an indescribable amount of stress (to me, anyway), other levels are completely 2D and you can only move sideways! I do like that there is variety here, it helps to keep things fresh.

Something I really loved about Super Lucky’s Tale is that there are extra puzzles in each of the worlds for you to complete and earn lucky clovers. It really added some variety to the game which I really appreciated because when I’d had enough of the levels, I had something else to keep me occupied. Some of the additional puzzles are a marble game and a slider puzzle game!

For the most part, the game is problem free and runs smoothly without framerate issues. Sadly, I did have an instance where I was in the middle of a level and the entire game crashed completely and sent me straight back to the Xbox dashboard! On loading back into the game it took a life off of me and I had to start the entire level again which was a bit irritating as it was a pretty tough level.

Overall, Super Lucky’s Tale is a really fun game that initially reminded me of my younger years when playing Crash Bandicoot! I would like to see where this game goes, hopefully to a more content filled sequel! If I had to give it a score it would be 7/10. The price is just right and hopefully, the other issues I have outlined will be fixed in future patches but it is still worthwhile playing!

Super Lucky’s Tale has 23 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. I am in love with this game’s achievement list, it has been really well put together. The achievement art on some of the achievements are worthy of being made your background image, that’s for sure! I like how there is a great mix of creative achievements as well as collectible based achievements and just the one achievement that will probably take a fair amount of play time to unlock as well (burrowing for 10,000 meters!). If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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