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Wuppo (Xbox)

Developed by Knuist & Perzik, Wuppo was initially released on PC back in 2016 (currently available for £10.99) and has now been released on both PS4 for £15.99 and Xbox One for £14.99!

Wuppo is an incredibly endearing adventure game which has puzzle and RPG elements to it and as always I will endeavour to avoid any spoilers throughout my review! There are three difficulties: Normal, Hard and Insane and I would suggest playing through as the game was intended to be played (on normal) first in order to enjoy the game fully and then go back for a greater challenge once you know a bit more about the game.

A two-man project, Wuppo has been beautifully hand-drawn and you really can tell the amount of love and effort which has been poured into the game. If you want to you can alter the visuals slightly in the options but I preferred them as they were.

I really like the soundtrack of Wuppo, especially how it alters and develops as you explore the world around you navigating through jungles to a busy city, the music changes with it! Sound effects have also been well thought through from bouncing around, the chat text typing up in the speech bubble and your little footsteps. Attention to detail is definitely a long-running theme throughout this game and it hasn’t gone unnoticed!.

I’ll be honest, the controls were a little strange at first for me to get to grips with, I’m not used to using LT as the button to jump! There are options in the menu where you can actually assign your own controls as you want to but by the time I’d figured this out I had already adapted to the default setup, so I didn’t change it. The gameplay is fantastically smooth with no framerate issues whatsoever, controls are responsive and do what they say they do without fault. It does take a while getting used to how you jump but perhaps it would be better with “A” as the jump button instead of “LT”.

So, a little more about the game itself. You are a “Wum” who has been exiled from your home at the Wumhouse for making too much mess with your ice-cream, which I thought was a bit harsh to be honest and now you have to go in search of a new home…

Once you have been evicted, you are free to explore the vast world around you, learning about your history and other strange creatures as you go by collecting filmstrips which you will need to take to a projector to play them, they are such a great idea and provide an interesting story if you pay attention to them.

As you search for your new home you will need to help others that you find by carrying out jobs, killing monsters and collecting items. Helping out other characters will earn you special rewards from actual items to an increase in your happiness levels so it is definitely worthwhile being a helpful Wum! 

My only slight grumble about Wuppo is that whenever you decide to travel via the train, sometimes you'll have to wait for it to arrive in real time. Let me tell you how unbelievably frustrating it is to watch the train that you have been waiting for depart before your very own eyes without you on board! I took slightly too long in the shop (which is hilariously named OCSEDEOS i.e the publisher's name spelt backwards!) and then fumbled getting my train ticket out and got stuck behind the barrier. The train takes 2 minutes to reach the very bottom and then the timer sets at 500 seconds before it will return to you. Yes, that's 10 REAL minutes waiting for a game train, of course, you can wander off and do something else for a little while but there's always the risk you'll miss it again. Funnily enough, the train travels much much faster when you're actually on board so I have no idea why they would have such a long delay!

Earning money will allow you to buy all sorts of upgrades, items and customisation items for your Wum and some of them cost an absolute fortune so being thrifty is probably the best advice I could provide as I often spent money on fancy items only to immediately regret it when I realised I would have benefited more from a weapon upgrade or better fishing hooks. Yes, there is fishing in this game! Any game that has fishing implemented somehow is immediately a favourite of mine, especially when you can make good use of the loot (or money) you catch!

For the most part, exploring the world around you is fairly straightforward. There were times when I really did need a moment to step back and retrace footsteps as I’d completely drawn a blank in regards to what needed doing next but eventually, I figured it out! 

From time to time you will encounter a boss but for the most part, if you are playing on normal difficulty, the bosses don’t really prove to be too much of a challenge as long as you are well equipped with health regenerating items and a decent weapon or two! The bosses are a great addition to the game and are all different requiring a different approach in how to defeat them which I liked as you don’t get the feeling that its all the same thing again and again.

Once you have completed the story you then get the additional mode of “Boss Run” which is fairly self-explanatory but essentially you’ll be fighting each of the bosses one after another, only the worthiest Wum will win, so no pressure!

Overall, Wuppo is a charming game which has plenty to offer in the way of story, gameplay and challenges. If I had to give it a score it would be 9/10. On first impressions, I didn’t think that this game would have much to it, but now having played it I really can’t recommend this game enough, I’ve had a lot of fun playing it!

Wuppo has 23 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. Now it needs to be said that this game is definitely not going to be an easy, quick completion. The achievements are unlocked slowly through natural gameplay so long as you’re not using a walkthrough guide. I quite like this, though because the achievements aren’t just the standard progression based ones but rather more creative requiring actions that perhaps you wouldn’t do naturally. If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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