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Full Metal Furies (Xbox)

Developed by Cellar Door Games, Full Metal Furies is now available on PC (Steam) for £14.99 and Xbox One for £16.74! It is also a play anywhere title which means you can also play on Windows 10!

Full Metal Furies is probably best described as a combination of a shoot ‘em up and a beat ‘em up (depending on which character you choose) game with the wonderful addition of RPG elements.

Full Metal Furies has a unique and catchy soundtrack and decent sound effects, but I have noticed that sometimes during gameplay the sound effects seem to fail (usually in times of chaotic combat) and almost sound like they are crackling. It's not a huge issue but it's noticeable nonetheless.

The world and the levels within have been fantastically designed, evolving as you traverse through different areas with lots of hidden areas and secrets to find. There are even puzzles, challenges and computers to crack (which involve some ancient language that for the life of me, I can’t work out. I’m sure I’m missing something) so there is plenty of content available for your money.

The characters and enemies have all been animated to a high standard. I like how we can get to know the characters (and the enemies to a point) through the cutscenes of Full Metal Furies (with often humorous dialogue) which just shows that this game has been a real project of passion by developers who don’t take themselves too seriously but that hasn’t stopped the attention to detail being distinguishable throughout.

Fight enemies, complete missions and earn gold so that you may purchase skills to level up your character is essentially the aim of the game. There is a story in Full Metal Furies but as I try to be as spoiler-free as possible, I won’t ruin it for you! As with most games, there is a villain and it is down to you to save the day, no pressure.

When you start the game, there are four characters to choose from (you can swap between them at any time at the base camp) and they each have their own class:

Triss –  The Tank who has a shield to protect as well as inflict damage.
Erin –  The Engineer who has a gun and a turret (my favourite!).
Alex – The Fighter who has a hammer and a pretty awesome spin attack.
Meg – The Sniper who has a sniper rifle and mines.

As you play through the levels you will find blueprints which you unlock (for a fee, of course) and equip to whichever character it applies to. Once equipped you can upgrade your abilities simply by using them which will, in turn, make you stronger in battle! You can also find trophies which once activated will upgrade your base camp to include all sorts of fanciful things, including ‘Go Cat’!

With up to four player co-op (local and online) there is an incredible amount of fun to be had. Unfortunately, there is no online matchmaking so in order to play online, you’ll need to invite people to join you. I wonder if it something that could be implemented at some point but without the ability to matchmake it is unlikely (for me, at least) that I’ll ever be able to play with a full squad.

One of the biggest frustrations I ever have when playing co-op is that there is always the inevitable squabble over the loot at the end of fights. Brilliantly, that is not an issue in Full Metal Furies as everything is shared! It really is a game trying to promote and reward working together which I am fully appreciative of. If a character is killed during combat, they revive up to 99% over a relatively short period of time, making it slightly easier to revive if you’re playing solo. You can also move whilst down (very slowly) in order to help your teammates get to you if you are playing with others.

If co-op is not your cup of tea then you can also play solo with the ability to switch between two characters using RT. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve actually enjoyed playing alone. I find that being able to utilise two characters however I want to has enabled me to perfect my playstyle. Something I really love about Full Metal Furies is that everything you do on co-op (or solo) is carried over into any other game you play so you never have to worry about losing progress.

Combat is quite simple and mostly requires a lot of mashing buttons once you have worked out the combos that suit your characters best. Enemies will often have coloured shield bubbles around them indicating that they will only take damage from the same coloured character which only adds to the mayhem when you’re trying your luck against higher levelled enemies! Don’t worry though, the enemies will only have shields with the same colours of your characters currently in play. Something that stands out to me is that Full Metal Furies is going to require a LOT of grinding previous missions in order to get the gold to upgrade skills, especially when you’re next fight is against a boss. The bosses aren't impossible but they certainly pack a punch!

It is worth mentioning that when playing co-op we noticed almost immediately that enemies would seem to target one player at a time in what seemed like really well-timed stages. To clarify, we’d each get targeted a specific number of times before the other player would then get targeted. It felt almost premeditated and thus, a little irritating. Not an issue if you’re all overpowered of course but when one of you is a higher level, the lower level player is going to be killed a lot which can be off-putting.

Each character has their standard attack move, a counter move, a dodge move and a secondary move. I won’t spoil which characters have which moves but I love them all equally because they are all different. The controls are responsive and do as they’re told when you want them to and I haven’t had any issues in that regard. I would have liked the controller to have been better calibrated with the moves to have different vibrations for a more immersive experience but that’s my opinion as I’ve quite liked it in other games which have had this feature.

Overall, I absolutely adore this game and know that I will enjoy playing it for a long time to come. If I had to give it a score it would be 9/10. My only grumble is that there isn’t any online matchmaking. I highly recommend this one, you won’t be disappointed! Unless you’re a misery guts.

Full Metal Furies has 36 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. A decent amount of achievements here and the majority of them will be unlocked through natural gameplay as they are story related. There are a few which will be a lot tougher to unlock and require some forethought but as far as I can see, there isn’t anything too outlandish asked of you. A fairly straightforward albeit time lengthy achievement list. If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements, then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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