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It's Quiz Time (PC-Steam)

Developed by Snap Finger Click, It’s Quiz Time is available on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One each for £15.99.

It’s Quiz Time is quite simply, the largest ever quiz game on PC with over 25,000 questions for you to answer. 

Your game host is an AI who goes by the name “Salli”. She is quite excitable and does a strange little hyperactive dance which was a little odd, to say the least. She is also frequently sarcastic which I’m not sure how I feel about, to be honest as it came across as a little disingenuous and a pretty poor attempt to add humour to the game. The game and Salli is well designed with vibrant colours and easy to navigate menus making it user-friendly.

My favourite part of It’s Quiz Time is probably the music, its upbeat, catchy and really well suited to the game. I was also really quite impressed with Salli’s speech, she doesn’t sound totally robotic and will even attempt to say your name correctly.

In order to play, It's Quiz Time, you’ll have to download the “It’s Quiz Time” app from your phone or tablet’s marketplace. It is a real shame that there isn’t a way to play using a website as not everyone (yes, even 2018) will have a smartphone or want to download an app in order to play a game. It doesn’t help that whilst playing, the app froze causing me to have to restart it and then re-join the game I was playing which meant I lost all of my previously earned points.

To play with other people you will need to host a game and share the room’s code with others (either in real life or on social media) in the hope that they will join you. Unfortunately, even though on the main screen the game tells you how many sessions are currently in play, there is no matchmaking, so you can’t just join in someone else’s game which was a huge let-down for me.

You can play It's Quiz Time solo where your focus is to get the highest score possible. At first, it's quite fun but it does get pretty tedious after a while especially when some questions start to get repeated. It’s not even that they are repeated word for word, it is more that you will answer a question in one round and then in the next round the same question will pop up again but slightly differently worded. Each round will have different requirements, in guesstimation, you'll need to get as close to the right answer as possible, there are also quickfire rounds where answering correctly and quickly will earn (or lose) you more points than your opponents are just a couple of examples of the rounds included.  

There is an events mode and currently, you can answer questions about everything that happened throughout 2017. In this mode, I was able to play with 3 other AI “Salli-bots” who quite frankly, made the game even more infuriating to play. In one of the rounds you have to guess the answer and the person closest to the actual answer wins. For the majority of this round, all three of the AI bots got the EXACT answer which for me, isn’t fair or fun.

Overall, Its Quiz Time is a game aimed more towards streamers and people who host events, it is not really for the average gamer, like me, to enjoy fully and certainly wouldn’t be the kind of game to play every day. If I had to give it a score it would 5/10. For the price, in correlation with its target audience as well as the issues I’ve encountered, I think it is a fairly average game.

It’s Quiz Time has 38 steam achievements available, some of which can only be unlocked on certain dates, the rest will likely be unlocked by playing the game and all of its modes. Depending on how many people you get to play with you and just how knowledgeable you are, it could potentially take a while to complete!

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
*Screenshots taken from the steam store page*
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