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Raining Blobs (Xbox)

Developed by Endi Milojkoski, Raining Blobs was initially released on PC (Steam) back in January 2016 (currently available for £6.99) and has now arrived on Xbox One for £8.39.

Raining Blobs is an 'arcade style, falling blobs, puzzle game' slightly similar to Tetris but with a slightly more complex requirement. Instead of just filling up rows of blobs, you have to match up the coloured blobs which will only disappear once there are two blobs, which have stars on, in the collection. Don’t worry, you do get the hang of it after a while and there is a tutorial to help get you started.

The artwork in Raining Blobs has been beautifully finished to a very high standard, the entire game is vibrant and I particularly like the characters. In the menu options, you can alter the graphics between different tv styles which I thought was a really cool thing to include as it definitely adds a retro vibe. The soundtrack, as you would expect is really upbeat, catchy and to be honest, perfectly fitting to the type of game that it is.

There are multiple game modes including:
  • Arcade (co-op and vs) – reach level 100 which can be done solo, co-op and versus.
  • Tournament – battle against each of the girls.
  • Endless – a series of battles which you must win.
  • Puzzle – complete pre-set puzzles with just one pair of blobs!

Depending on your personal preference you can choose between easy, normal, hard difficulties but it's worth noting that choosing easy may mean you are unable to unlock some of the achievements, although it definitely helps to get the feel of the game. You can also choose the difficulty level of the CPU players you'll be up against ranging from very easy all the way up to insane.

If you do play on the harder difficulties and end up losing then you can choose the option of “continue” (not in puzzle mode) which starts you again at the level you just were but without the score, you had built up. If you are trying to get a high score submitted on to the leaderboards then perhaps avoid this option altogether. Some of the game modes will give you the option to change the variants including changing the rules you play with which I really enjoyed trying out, the "One Star" rule was probably my favourite as it made it a lot easier for me to build up higher combos. Again, changing these may disable certain (if not all achievements) so keep that in mind! 

Incredibly, you can play locally with up to 16 players including 8 using controllers (it is absolute chaos!) and 8 CPU players. You can also choose your input, so you don’t have to use a controller. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure if keyboard input will work on the Xbox One as I’ve never tried it (and I’m totally useless with a keyboard and mouse) but I think its brilliant that it’s an option nonetheless. As it is, the controls are very simple, rotate the blobs with A and direct them down with either the D-pad or the left stick.

I really wish there was online matchmaking available in Raining Blobs as I think the game would appeal to more people and who knows, perhaps it could be implemented at some point, but I won’t get my hopes up as I'm not sure the cost would be worth it in the long run. Even though there is no online playability, I quite like the fact that you can see the global leaderboards for each of the game modes as well as any local scores you have submitted to the local leaderboard. You can also keep track of your progress in the achievements and stats option in the main menu which I thought was a nice touch, it's always nice to see how close to an achievement I have got and still not unlocked it! 

Overall, Raining Blobs is an incredibly fun and addictive game to play, especially if you’re a fan of Tetris-like games. Although it's tricky there is something about this game that keeps pulling me back; now if that’s not the sign of a good game then I don’t know what is! If I had to give it a score it would be 8/10, I highly recommend it.

Raining Blobs has 38 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. What stands out to me about Raining Blobs’ achievement list is just how hard it will be to complete! I think ultimately they will unlock through a combination of insane luck and epic skills but there is something quite appealing to me about an achievement list that will take time to complete. If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was kindly allowed for the purpose of a giveaway as I had already purchased the game. Thank you!
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