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Bleed 2 (Xbox)

Developed by Bootdisk Revolution, Bleed 2 was released last year on PC (Steam) for £6.99 (currently on sale for £4.89) and is now available on PS4 for £11.99 (currently on sale for £9.59 for PS Plus members) and Xbox One for £11.99 (there is currently a bundle on sale including Bleed and Bleed 2 for £14.55).

Bleed 2 is the sequel to Bleed which was released August of last year (you can read my review for that here). Bleed 2 is very much the same as Bleed when it comes to the controls and general gameplay but it is definitely an improvement on the first game, as it feels a lot more polished.

Bleed 2 is a fast-paced, 2D, arcade action platformer featuring Wryn, who you may remember from the original game, Bleed if you played it. Wryn is back to defend the world from the invading villains  again, with the hope of retaining her title as the “Greatest Hero of All Time”.

Bleed 2 is beautiful to look at, with vibrant colours and lots of pink (my favourite). The levels are well designed and have been made to differ in terms of layout so that they don’t feel too ‘samey’. There are a couple of levels which provide different obstacles such as moving trains or antigravity, which I appreciated as it changed the way I had to approach the levels.

Gameplay is really smooth, framerate is stable, and I haven’t suffered with any crashes or game breaking issues, even when in the middle of absolute chaos. The soundtrack is well suited to the game, infusing energy to each of the levels. The sounds effects have been implemented very well, especially when time is slowed and you're given a moment of peace.

The controls can take a little getting used to as using RT to jump and dash isn’t something you see in many games! Having said that, the controls are very simple to remember making it a great game to be able to pick up and play after being away from the game for a while. The controls are wonderfully responsive, which is imperative in a game which relies heavily on your ability to reflect incoming bullets. 

You start off with just the one weapon loadout which is your gun and katana but extra weapons, mutations and characters (with their own special moves) are available to be unlocked, providing even more ways to play through the game and find the way to achieve those high scores.  

The enemies remain quite similar throughout the game between bad guys wielding huge guns and rocket launchers as well as evil ninja cats! They are all very easy to defeat provided you remember to dodge, reflect and shoot at all the right times. It helps that your LT will slow down time, giving you plenty of opportunity for precise shots and epic dodges. Of course, this ability doesn’t last forever, and you’ll need to give it enough time to recharge before trying to use it again.

Bosses are unique, and each have their special moves and ways in which they need to be taken care of, which you’ll learn as you play. I love how there are some of the bosses from the first game featured in Bleed 2, it was a nice touch and acknowledged the first game nicely. 

There are four difficulty levels available to choose from depending on your skill level from easy, normal, hard and very hard which not only provides more of a challenge but also changes boss patterns and enemy placement.

There are four game modes available to play which are:
  • Story – 7 intense levels with over 25 boss fights.
  • Arcade – Try to complete the entire game with only one life.
  • Endless – Test yourself against randomly generated levels.
  • Challenge – Pick one, two or three bosses to fight against at the same time.

There is the option of playing co-op if you’d like to. Unfortunately, there is only local co-op available. I would have liked very much to have the option of online co-op but understand that costs involved implementing that probably outweighs it realistically.  

Overall, I enjoyed playing Bleed 2, especially because its great to see sequels of games being made even better than their predecessors. It is very easy to pick up and play, even in shorter bursts and my kids have loved watching me play it too. If I had to give it a score it would be 8/10. Great game that it is, I would have liked more levels to play or something more that made it differ from the original Bleed.

Bleed 2 has 33 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. A lengthy list of achievements which are mostly progression based across all the difficulties. It is going to be a tough one to complete, for me at least, as a number (if not all) of the achievements are skill based. The harder achievements come from attaining the highest possible grades from each of the stages “SSS” rank, which will most definitely be a challenge. If you need any help or guidance, then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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