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Fe (Xbox)

Developed by Zoink! Games, Fe is available now on PC (Origin) for £17.99 (Origin access members can get it with 10% off), PS4 for £15.99 and Xbox One for £17.99 (EA access members can get it with 10% off). Fe is an Xbox One X Enhanced title.

I would describe Fe (pronounced as in “Fee” not as in “Fay”) as an action-adventure game which has puzzler elements. In many ways, it reminded me of Ori and the Blind Forest with a cute little animal character to play as, with stunning surroundings. Fe has the same atmospheric vibe as Ori did but I found myself gripped more by Fe, perhaps it was the ability to explore a 3D world around me.

The story in Fe is told silently through your own discoveries, encouraging you to explore fully. There are murals to be found on the large stones, uncovered by your voice as well as silent helmets which will provide some insight to the “Silent Ones”. I love that the player is able to interpret the story in their own way as the experience became a lot more personal to me as I had, by the end, worked really hard to reach the conclusion. I must admit, I was a little emotional about it all.

Set in a mysterious Nordic forest, with beautifully designed environments, reflecting a variety of climates, each one introducing more and more obstacles to overcome. There is a map for you to utilise and keep track of how many collectibles per area you have found which was very helpful as I did find myself getting lost a number of times. If you do find that you’re at a loss for where to go next, by holding down RT you will begin to sing louder and louder until after a couple of seconds, you will call a small bird friend to your aid who will show you the way.

Very soon into the game, you will be made aware of the fact that all is not well, there are terrifying monsters who don’t have a voice and are capturing every other creature around you. The Silent Ones. What are they and why are they doing this for? You’re going to find out and help everyone along the way. In order to progress through each of the areas, you’ll need to complete a series of puzzles which can take a while to figure out what you’re meant to be doing. You may need to destroy things, or rescue creatures or even complete an elaborate obstacle course combining everything you’ve learned throughout the game.

The music and sounds in Fe are delightfully charming, discover the different voices of the creatures in the forest and learn to communicate with them. At first, you will only be able to communicate with the babies but once you have met gained the trust of the adult, they will teach you their voice. I love the way that this has been implemented into the game because you have to find the right pitch for your voice and the other voice to connect properly, which is done by holding down RT until you straighten the lines and see little orbs travelling towards each other along the line between you both.

Once you have learned the voices, you will be able to interact with many objects within the forest, bringing them to life and allowing you to reach new heights, quite literally once you have learned the voice which transforms flowers into jump pads. One of the main collectibles in the game are the pink crystals which, once enough have been collected, will unlock new skills for you to use such as climbing trees, locating crystals through walls and gliding, to name a few.

The controls are very simple to learn, and you are prompted at various points in the game when there is a new control option being introduced. Controlling the camera is somewhat irritating and often gets in the way, particularly during times when stealth is required, and I am trying to hide in a bush. Aside from that, the controls are responsive and work well, I would just prefer a way to zoom the camera further out.

For the most part, the game runs quite smoothly but I have encountered a few issues where framerate starts to drop and things get quite twitchy. It seems to be more common when ‘The Silent Ones’ are around. Unfortunately, I have also had the game freeze completely on me, forcing a complete restart. Everything around me was still moving and there was still music but I couldn’t physically control Fe anymore.

Overall, Fe is a wondrous game to play and I particularly loved the story. The sweet little animals and colourful environments are appealing to loitering children who like to check out what game is playing. I have had a few issues previously mentioned regarding camera angles and more notably, the game freezing so when considering what score I would give, it had to be 7/10. Certainly, one to consider!

Fe has 12 achievements available for a total of 1,000 Gamerscore. A rather short achievement list with some unlocked by natural gameplay, some are more imaginative and can be missed in the first playthrough if you don’t check the achievement list (and possibly a guide) beforehand. Fe isn’t an outrageously long game and so replaying the game to mop up achievements will be relatively easy, and enjoyable (plus, you’ll be at an advantage as you already know what to do in each area!) If you need any help or guidance with any of the achievements, then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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