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Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition (Xbox)

Developed by TOMAGameStudio, Overdriven Reloaded: Special Edition was released on PC (Steam) back in 2016 (currently available for £5.79) and is now been released on Xbox One for £6.69.

Overdriven Reloaded is a fast-paced, 2D, vertical shoot ‘em up which is intense yet addictive with its colourful chaotic gunfire. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my own screenshots to load up so I have used the stock images from the Xbox store page.

Overdriven Reloaded looks fantastic, it is vibrant and well designed, with levels that have plenty of varying enemies and obstacles to face. I have found that the game runs smoothly and I haven’t experienced any framerate issues, screen tearing or crashing.

I really like the soundtrack to Overdriven Reloaded, it is energetic and well suited to the game, encouraging you to keep going. The sound effects have been well implemented and I love how the controller vibrates depending on how upgraded my gunfire is.

As you kill enemies, stars and powerups will drop which when collected, will upgrade your gun and in turn make you so much more powerful and able to quite literally melt any enemies that get in your way. The bosses are unique without being impossible to beat, especially with firepower and a healthy set of lives. Health drops and extra lives will drop from time to time as you kill enemies but not reliably so try to stay safe out there. You can keep an eye on your health and how many lives you have remaining by monitoring the green health bar at the top of the screen (left-hand side). 

The controls are very simple and thankfully, the controls are very responsive which is crucial in games of this genre if you’re going to be successful. There are two types of gunfire available which are standard and a laser beam. Using the laser beam is more powerful but will deplete your health so use at your own risk!

There are four difficulties to choose from depending on your level of skill from easy, normal, hard and nightmare. I love being able to start off easy because then you can get a feel for the game and what is required and then slowly ramp up the difficulty as you gain more confidence.

There are three main game modes to play which are:
  • Story - 10 stages to complete, each level increasingly more complex than the last. 5 alien artifacts to be found within each of the stages.
  • Arcade - Essentially the same as story mode but you have limited lives, providing considerably more of a  challenge.
  • Manic - Not for the fainthearted, there is no health bar and you begin with just 23 credits (your attempts).

Within the minigames option there are a further four modes to play:
  • Challenges - 7 challenges to complete such as completing the first stage under 6 minutes or surviving stages whilst accumulating high scores.
  • Colour Reflex - There are a total of 56 maps to play through which get trickier. The objective is to clear the stage by clearing the coloured orbs blocking the path which can be done by matching the colours with your different coloured gunfire.
  • The Line - Kill all of the enemies without letting any get behind you!
  • Boss Rush - Available to play once you have completed the story mode.

There are two kinds of collectibles in Overdriven Reloaded, space cows and alien artifacts. You will find these as you play through the story if you’re lucky and stay vigilant and some of them have been brilliantly hidden away.

You can play solo but there is the option of playing up to 4 players local co-op. Although I always love games which have online matchmaking, I don’t think that this game is affected by the lack of it. I think local only is just perfect. Having played both solo and with a co-op partner, it is a lot more fun when there are more of you and the scores are also so much higher (for me at least).

Overall, Overdriven Reloaded is an incredibly fun game which is easy to lose track of time when playing. With the amount of content available, I would say that there is more than enough game for the price. If I had to give it a score, then it would be 9/10. If you’re a fan of shoot ‘em ups, then you should definitely check this one out.

Overdriven Reloaded has a staggering total of 70 achievements available for 1,000 Gamerscore. A huge achievement list with standard progression-based achievements (including completing the stages on each of the difficulty levels) as well as achievements for playing each of the game modes and collecting all of the collectibles. An achievement list which will keep you busy for a while!  If you need any help or guidance, then head over to True Achievements where you will find plenty of useful information.

A game code was provided for the purpose of this review. Thank you!
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