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[Preview] Super Cane Magic Zero (PC-Steam)

Developed by Studio Evil, Super Cane Magic ZERO is currently available in on PC (Steam) in early access for £14.99 (currently it is on sale for £11.24). Super Cane Magic ZERO will also be making its way over to consoles soon!

As the game hasn’t been fully released yet, this will just be a short preview of the game with some of my first impressions of the game, without an overall score at the end.

Super Cane Magic ZERO is a comedic, action adventure RPG which will appeal to people of all ages thanks to its user-friendly graphics and charmingly bouncy soundtrack. The game runs smoothly, even on my average laptop. The controls are easy to learn and if you’re anything like me and struggle to use the mouse and keyboard then you’ll be glad to know that there is full controller support!

Play solo or join up with three of your friends in local co-op (no online multiplayer will be implemented, unfortunately) to enjoy the campaign and if perhaps, you’re not in such a friendly mood then you can always fight them in the local PVP Arena. During the campaign, you can unlock access to three (only one is currently available in early access) different dungeons which have procedurally generated levels.

To begin with there are four characters to choose from, each with a different class and special moves such as a healing puddle or explosive bacon. There are more than 15 playable characters so far, you just have to unlock them first! You can level up your character by allocating your points to the “belief system” which will unlock all sorts of weird and wonderful abilities.

Wander around the world of WOTF, explore dungeons, kill enemies, find secrets and break everything open to reveal what is hidden within, which is done by throwing them against walls. It could be food (good or bad) for you to eat or loot for you to equip.  

With all things considered from my experience so far, Super Cane Magic ZERO is an incredibly fun game offering pretty much everything I could ever want from an RPG game such as this. I am very excited to see it in its finished state (although I hardly think we are very far away from that!) and its arrival on consoles.

Even though the game is still in early access, there are a total of 57 Steam achievements available to unlock. A wonderfully varied achievement list which quite frankly, shows the overall character and level of the developers’ humour. I am a huge fan of humorously named achievements, I must admit.

If you'd like to see some gameplay then you can do so in the trailer here:

A game code was provided in order to preview this game whilst in early access. Thank you!
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